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Schlaraffia Chapters in North-America

Already in 1884 the first Schlaraffia chapter in North-America was founded in San Francisco. Today there are 26 chapters existing in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The newest chapter was just formed as in Victoria, BC, Canada during 2016. In addition a new chapter is in the formation stage in Boulder, CO, called a ‘Stammtisch’ (Round Table). There are around 520 active members registered in all of the North-America chapters. Traditionally each chapter carries a unique name, typically characterizing its location or origin. Furthermore, they are numbered corresponding to the sequence of formation. In the following table you can find all the present chapters in North-America, ordered by state and country. It also shows relevant data of the chapter and its coat of arms. Many chapters have websites, and you can open them for further information by clicking on the coat of arms.

Losangela California [229]

Whittier, CA 90601

Am Stillen Meer [403]

San Diego, CA 92115

Franciscana California [59]

Hayward, CA 94544

Tenochtitlan [358]

Mexico City, Mexico

Denvera [198]

Denver, CO 80218

Floridana [364]

St. Petersburg, FL 33773

Chicagoana [95]

Chicago, IL 60625

Chapters without website

Nova Orleana [293]

New Orleans, LA 70001

Bostonia [156]

Boston, MA 02081

Chapters without website

Detroitia [273]

Detroit, MI 48239

Newarka [105]

Dover, NJ 07801

Chapters without website

Totowa [161]

Clifton, NJ 07013

Brooklynia [123]

New York, NY 10128

Chapters without website Chapters without website

Bisonia [182]

Buffalo, NY 14214

Cincinnatia [119]

Cincinnati, OH 45219

Chapters without website

Silvana [149]

Cleveland, OH 44138

Filadelfia [128]

Philadelphia, PA 18974

Washingtonia [197]

Washington DC 20007

Milwaukia [67]

Milwaukee, WI 53172

Porta Pasconia [405]

Hudson, FL 34667

Rocky Mountania [372]

Calgary, AB, Canada

Prima Canadensis [337]

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Chapters without website

Kamlupsia [415]

Kamloops, BC, Canada

Porta Ontariae [349]

Toronto, ON, Canada

Porta Pacifica [408]

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Gloria Victoria [429]

Victoria, BC, Canada

Stammtisch zu Boulder
Boulder, CO 80503


Chapters without website