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How to become a member of Schlaraffia

The information presented on this website should have given the visitor a comprehensive overview about the Schlaraffia society. There are surely many additional questions and the majority of those may be best answered by attending an informal gathering of Schlaraffia during the summer months or experiencing an evening with Schlaraffia during the winter months. The question ‘Can I become a a member of Schlaraffia?’ has a twofold answer:

First there should be mostly ‘yes’ answers to the following questions:

Do you have a good sense of humor?
Do you love the arts – in any form?
Do you value true friendship?
Are you able to listen to others?

Secondly there are two pre-requisites, which have to be met:

You need to speak and understand German
You need to be male and in good standing

Since the days of its founding there is a 4-step procedure to follow, once an interested person has decided to consider becoming a member of Schlaraffia. It gives both parties the opportunity to thoroughly determine compatibility and assurance of becoming a true member of Schlaraffia.

The first step: Establish Contact

The interested person should fill out the Contact Form on this website with the relevant requested data. He will be contacted by the Secretary of the local chapter closest to his place of residence, and will be invited to a personal informal and social meeting with a member of the local chapter. He will be able to ask all questions and can be sure to receive full answers and many small details about Schlaraffia. There might be several such meetings, including gatherings with other members of the chapter, and at some point both parties may make the decision to go to the next step.

The second step: Become a Pilgrim

A member of Schlaraffia who has to be a ‘Knight’ in the chapter introduces the interested newcomer as a ‘Pilgrim’ to all the members at a formal evening meeting. As his ‘Godfather’ he assures that the Pilgrim is of ‘good standing’ and from now on guides him during the meetings and gives him his personal advice. It is also important to note that from that moment on the Pilgrim may participate in many aspects of the Play of Schlaraffia.

The third step: Become a Candidate

After visiting Schlaraffia meetings at least 6 times as a Pilgrim, the chapter may decide upon recommendation of his Godfather to consider the Pilgrim for the next step, meaning he now becomes a serious ‘Candidate’ for Schlaraffia. After filling out an application and upon acknowledgement by the members of the chapter the Pilgrim advances to Candidate and the information will be documented and published in Allschlaraffia’s own newsletter, for all members of Schlaraffia worldwide to see and comment if they feel prudent to do so.

The forth step: Become a Page

A Candidate, who has attended at least 6 regular meetings within a 12 months’ period, and without opposition noted from other chapters within Allschlaraffia, is eligible to become a ‘Page’ of the chapter. During a humorous ceremony, the members vote by majority to elevate the Candidate to a Page by drawing either a black or white small ball from a bin. The new Page receives a ‘Schlaraffenpass’ (Member Passport) and the insignia of a Page, the Page-Bonnet and the halberd. From now on he is a true member of Schlaraffia, a ‘Schlaraffe’!

The entire process from first contact to becoming a Page takes usually approximately one year, and during this time the interested newcomer is getting quite familiar with the Schlaraffia Play. From now on the further road leads over the rank of ‘Squire’ to ‘Knight’, and this distinction is sealed with a quite serious but humorous ceremonial knighting ceremony, at which time the new Knight chooses his specific name, which is unique throughout Allschlaraffia.