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Schlaraffia Chapters in North-America without Websites

You wanted to open the website of one of the chapters which are listed here and were redirected to this page. Unfortunately these chapters do not have a current website. If you like to receive more detailed information about these chapters or want to get in contact with the chapter, please activate the shown link which sends an email with your inquiry. A reply message will be send within a short time.

Kamlupsia [415]

Kamloops, BC, Canada

Chicagoana [95]

Chicago, IL 60625

Detroitia [273]

Detroit, MI 48239

Newarka [105]

Dover, NJ 07801

Brooklynia [123]

New York, NY 10128

Bisonia [182]

Buffalo, NY 14214

Gloria Victoria [429]

Victoria, BC, Canada

Silvana [149]

Cleveland, OH 44138